20 types of digital signage content

The digital signage industry is the fast emergent projected to be around $32billion in 2023.

It exploits LCD, LED projection and e-paper hardware and software to disseminate information to various publics. The technology disseminates two types of content static and interactive content.

Static content is less dynamic it is preset, while interactive content is engaging and shared with the user who can contribute to the information. It integrates other technologies such as touch screen kiosk movement detection and images capturing.

Digital content is authored and created using diverse instruments that include forms of multimedia formats, such as animation, video including High Definition (MPG, Quick Time, WVM9) forms. It is also compatible with SVG, still images files (JPEG, PNG, BMP, and PowerPoint) among others.

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Digital content is compatible with video and Flash, media formats, however, these differ the methods the content is created, updated and run on the system.

The 20 types of digital signage content commonly used with digital signs installed in the various public and private spaces in hospitals, malls, transport stations, museums, schools, workplaces, banks, roads, and many other places are:

1. In-store promotions & campaigns – widely disseminated in in-store or retail shops, eating out places, hospitality spaces.


2. Motivational quotes or daily motivational – Common within office space, gym and in some churches.

3. Menu boards – in restaurants and fast food franchise or outlets communicating the served menu.

4. Directory boards – on a public directory or notice boards at schools, offices, hotels, real estate and in banks or airports. Also commonly use for retail kiosks.

5. Video advertisements – Businesses love to rent them , advertisment kiosks. These type of signages are common in a restaurant, bus stations, shopping malls and in banks among many other spaces.

6. Alert systems – for disseminating up to date information in schools, universities and many other institutions.

7. News – bulletin boards disseminating information in the office.

8. Waitlist – communicates information on the waiting list in banks, hospitals, cafes and in many other places.

9. Calendar – disseminating calendar events in office meeting rooms, conferences, and events.

10. Web pages – integrated on webs pages common in office spaces.

11. Social media walls – content share on office spaces, retail, restaurants, and hospitality spaces such as hotels. Also common with photo booths.

12. Emergency alert – disseminating emergency information road signs.

13. Weather alert – disseminating information the weather outlook.

14. Traffic board – Large Monitor or Display that communicates road and traffic information such as road closure, accidents, and other road hazards.

15. Daily Health tip – disseminating health tips in hospitals, banks, and other public spaces.

16. Sports board – sharing information and news on various sports disciplines and activities.

17. Score stream –Most common as information kiosks, This electronic scoreboard or displays are used in stadium, schools, and other sport areas.

18. Market Tracker – dissemination on market trends in the stock exchange, banks, and other business interest facilities.

19. Business and Tech News – Updates on business news and technology development news.

20. Slack – presents messages as a real-time feed on digital screens across offices.

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