Digital Outdoor Signage and LED Signs

What exactly is digital outdoor signage? Also called interactive digital signage, digital outdoor signage describes an indoor electronic display intended to broadcast information or provide content. Digital signs are available in public and private spaces, such as restaurants, retail stores, and corporate settings. The signage may include text, audio, video, or combination of both that interacts with the targeted consumer.

digital outdoor signage

Some common features include information such as weather forecasts, maps, advertisements, and entertainment services. Most outdoor digital signage displays are controlled from a remote location or a computer terminal. This technology allows the flexibility to personalize digital signs according to the needs of the client. The signage is usually an LED with liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. Most digital outdoor signage systems operate on battery back-up, with long battery lives for up to 400 hours.

Battery powered outdoor advertising displays are popular for temporary outdoor advertising solutions because they do not require electricity, which saves on installation expenses. These displays have different types of hardware including hand held devices, fixed installations, and portable units. Fixed displays have preinstalled software that enables the users to interact with the digital signage. In addition to interacting with the content, the user can change the displayed message and even select different fonts.

Portable digital outdoor signage systems use a rechargeable lithium ion battery to power the displays. These devices are designed to be used on surfaces such as patios, decks, walkways, and parking lots. In addition to their use as outdoor signage systems, these displays are also used as overhead projectors and billboards. These devices are suitable for temporary outdoor signage applications and for use in wide open spaces.

There are different models of digital outdoor signage and each model offers different features. Some models offer color control, while others offer different sizes of digital screens. In addition, there are models that allow the viewer to control the volume of the audio-visual display. Depending on the specifications of the model, the color range of the digital display could range from black and white to multi-color.

Apart from using digital outdoor signage for outdoor advertising, LED signs are another option for advertising in public places. LED signs offer high contrast and wide color gamut and are available in a variety of sizes. The LED sign is a cost effective solution for outdoor advertising because it is both durable and energy efficient. LED signs do not produce heat or light emissions and hence can be used outdoors even in extremely cold environments. However, LED signs require frequent maintenance and can only be used outside as there is a risk of short circuiting.