How Are Digital Cooler Doors Different Than Traditional Refrigerators?

The first step toward the right digital cooler is finding one. This is a process that can be done at the neighborhood office supply store or online. With so many different models and different door display on the coolers that are on the market, it can be overwhelming when trying to decide which one is right for your company or for your particular needs. To narrow down your options, here are some considerations that you should make: The capacity of your digital cooler. How much cold should it hold?

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Saturation level of your distribution list. This is an area where a little forethought will pay off because not all distributors have access to the same type of cooler. Anheuser-Busch limited the number of digital coolers it sells by size, while AmeriWall is geared toward heavy industrial applications.

Type of delivery methods. Both Atera and Aperture are good choices because they both have a cooler door design that allows for quick accessibility from either end. Many companies, however, are now offering digital coolers that also have a bottom opening that can be accessed through a bottom or side access door. These are great for companies that may have different needs based upon the size of their workforce.

Says Avakian. This is a common name known throughout the cooler aisle. A flyer that recently went out with this name advises the consumer to “order with confidence” and that “top shelf digital coolers” will help “create a larger profit margin.” While this flyer is not entirely correct, the Avakian sales lift model does have a full door design and has been proven successful.

What is the warranty on the product? This is something that should be carefully studied by the retailer or reseller. Many digital coolers can be expensive and when a problem arises, a simple return is often not an option. Some resellers choose to offer a limited warranty on the product to help mitigate this risk. Researching the warranty on the digital technology can help any retail or merchandising owner determine whether or not the investment is worthwhile.

How does one price digital coolers? While most people do price their products based upon brand and sales, it is important for a new digital cooler distributor to research traditional markets in order to find the best possible prices. The cost of a full door digital cooler is similar to many other refrigeration items in the retail market. With this in mind, it is imperative for any distributor to ask their retailers or other resellers about best buying prices.

Are transparent LCD coolers a good fit for my business? While many distributors and retailers are not offering clear digital versions of their coolers, there are still others that have started offering these types of products. In order for a digital cooler to be successful, it must meet the needs of the business being cooled. A company that is shipping thousands of dollars worth of goods every month may be better served by investing in a clear version that is capable of handling the volume of traffic.

Why should I buy from an online distributor? One of the best reasons to invest in digital coolers is that the cost is often significantly lower than that of a traditional refrigeration unit. Since online companies do not face the same overheads as their brick-and-mortar counterparts, they are able to pass on significant savings to their customers. Digital coolers are no exception, and while there are some costs associated with maintaining a fleet of trucks and office space, the savings associated with transparent digital coolers are well worth it.

What should I look for in my new cooler? When looking to replace your existing system, you should make sure that you purchase a digital one that has identical size and color specifications to the ones that you currently use. Many refrigerators offer standard sizes of all three of the main features – the water dispenser, the cooler door, and the lids. If your current system does not feature identical sizes of these items, you should shop for a new cooler that offers the same color. This will allow your digital fridge to blend in seamlessly with your current set up.

Are there any other benefits to replacing my current fridge with a new one? Modern refrigerators often include white lcd screens that display the temperature of the water within the dispenser. These digital displays can often be very bright and flashy, making them very attractive additions to any kitchen. Some people even choose to add red digital chips that alert the household when the milk level in their fridge reaches an unacceptable level.

So are digital coolers better than traditional refrigerators? With the advancement of technology and the introduction of more efficient cooling systems, no fridge is really an exception to this rule. Today’s coolers offer many features and options that were only previously found on the refrigerators of the past. If you are looking to upgrade your current fridge, or simply want to try out a new design option, consider purchasing a refrigerator with a digital display or an LCD screen.